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Late Summer Blooms at the nursery

While many of the early summer blooms are petering out, there is still lots of late summer color in the garden. Here are some blooms from around the nursery and the display gardens right now. If you need some late summer color in the garden, come on out to the nursery to see what is [...]

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July Blooms

well - it sure has been one hot and dry July!  I haven't had time for blogging - any spare time has been spent watering! but now that we finally have some some rain this past week - I thought I would take advantage and get some photos up. Here are some photos of some [...]

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In bloom the last week of June!

Wow! we can't believe that July is already almost here! June has flown by.. If you have been following us on facebook - we have been posting photos of the progress of our bird nests in the nursery.  Now both the song sparrow and robin babies have fledged  - and we are feeling [...]

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A short trip back in time

2 weeks ago we were working on a project up in Lake Placid. Even though it is just a 2 hour drive from the nursery, the blooms are a few weeks behind up there.  It was like rewinding back to spring  - and getting to see some of my favorite blooms all over [...]

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In bloom right now at the nursery

Lots of blooms at the nursery right now.  The spring blooms are pretty much done, and the early summer blooms are starting.  We have been busy with projects and potting up plants - so haven't had much time for blogging these past few weeks - but here are a few  quick pics from [...]

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In bloom this week

Well - lots has been blooming at the nursery all May. I just got behind on posting to the blog! But here are finally some of the flowers in bloom right now. Seems to be mainly whites and blues right now.  The yellows and reds will be coming later. If you had lots [...]

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Butterfly Bonanza!

There were butterflies everywhere I looked at the nursery yesterday morning.  The funny thing was, they weren't on the flowers - in fact, they are just about everywhere but!  They were puddling on the gravel (we had just watered), hanging out on the lawn and on the plant signs.  I'm sure that they [...]

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In Bloom This Week at the Nursery – Part 1

There is lots in bloom at the nursery right now!  The early spring blooms have been done for a while - the dutchmen's breeches, bloodroot, and hepatica.  The next round are on their way out - the Virginia Bluebells and Barren Strawberry.  The woodland phlox and jacobs ladder have been blooming for a few weeks [...]

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Happy Earth Day From Fiddlehead Creek

April 22, 2012 is Earth Day. But I would say that just about every day at the nursery is Earth Day really! At least it sure feels that way.  The gardens we planted last season are all very happy this spring. The sensitive fern are coming up at the pond right now, and the marsh [...]

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Raising the Hop Yard

Last weekend we did a major overhaul in the hop yard and installed a 16' high trellis.  Hops are herbaceous, and can grow 20 feet in just one season, so they need a very tall trellis.  They can grow 12 inches in a day during the height of the season!  In a few weeks we [...]

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