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The Secret Lives of Dioecious Plants: Pussy Willow

My mother called the other day to chat, and Chris answered the phone.  ‘No, Emily can’t come to the phone right, she’s out back sexing the pussy willows,” he said. “What?!” my mother said into the phone. She’s not a plant nerd like I am. Sometimes you forget that something that makes perfect sense to [...]

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4 Weeks To Go

Emily's folks came up to visit for the weekend - and the good news is they were still in one piece when they left  - in fact I think they were even still smiling!  We sure worked hard though.  Lots to do to get the nursery ready for the season.  Just 4 weeks to go [...]

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Well, its official…

Today was the first day of spring.  Although I think spring came a little early this year. I have been seeing red wing blackbirds for a few weeks, and the peepers have already been peeping. 2 weekends ago we went ahead and uncovered the plants because it was so warm out. And this past weekend  [...]

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Snow Day

Well, we finally got more than an inch of snow this winter.  It took a leap day to make it happen - but I guess the saying better late than never applies in this case.  I am glad that the plants tucked away for the winter have some insulation on them - even if it [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Fiddlehead Creek

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Do you know what zone you are?

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps help gardeners determine which plants are most likely to thrive in a location.  In late January USDA released a new version of hardiness zone maps for 2012. You might think you know what zone you are - but you might be wrong according to the new maps!Hardiness zones are based [...]

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Fiddlehead Creek goes to Boston!

We spent a few days last week in Boston at New England Grows, the leading horticultural trade show in the Northeast region.  It was at the Boston Convention Center, which is huge!  We attended lots of educational talks, saw some interesting products and ideas on the trade show floor, and talked to lots of great [...]

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A Rough Day for Ruffed Grouse

This past Thursday morning Chris and I got up and started getting ready for work.  As Chris was letting McKinley out into the back yard he hollered for me to come quick. There, just on the other side of our fence, was a feathery lump on the ice. “It just flew off,” Chris said, “It [...]

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Save the Date: Saturday April 14, 2011

 First Annual Garden and Landscape Symposium at Fort TiconderogaThe King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga is presenting the first annual Garden & Landscape Symposium, “Planting the Seeds of Knowledge for Home Gardeners”, Saturday, April 14, 2012, in the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center.  The event will be great for experienced gardeners or gardeners just getting started, [...]

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Happy New Year from Fiddlehead Creek

We wish you all the best for a healthy and happy New Year!

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