Native Plant Consulting and Garden Design

Interested in using native plants in your next project but not sure where to start?

Give us a call.  Even some of the most experienced gardeners aren’t sure where to start if they aren’t yet familiar with native plants.  We will work with you to best fulfill your native landscaping needs.  We are available to consult on projects for plant selection, provide planting plans, supply the planting material, and oversee installation.  If we don’t grow what you need, we can source plants as well or contract grow for you.

We are available to consult for a variety of projects.  We work directly with homeowners to select appropriate plants for their landscape, or can work as a member of a larger team, providing native plant expertise to landscape architects, designers, and installers.  We have worked with non-profit groups and county organizations such as CCE and Soil and Water to help select plants for rain gardens and native landscapes.

We are available for site visits as part of our consultation services.  We typically work with clients from the Capital Region, Saratoga Springs, and the Adirondack Park since we grow plants for these regions of the state.

rain garden

Chris talking with a client about their new native plant rain garden being installed to manage stormwater on-site.