Business Dissertation Topic Ideas Worth Choosing

You may have once dreamed of rising to be part of the managerial team of a big successful company. However, that comes with hard works and skills. Successful business people have skills that help them negotiate contracts, manage the organization and solve problems to ensure the organization keeps running and remains profitable. To gain the skills of these successful businessmen, you may consider enrolling for PhD in an institution of higher learning of your choice. Pursuing a master’s or PhD degree has one common hurdle: the business dissertation paper. Such a post aims to provide you with the dissertation help you need in selecting and identifying PhD business and management topics for dissertation.

Some of the top international business dissertation topics that will ensure you produce the best business dissertation are listed below.

  1. The effect of employee engagement on the organization’s value
  2. Importance of global marketing negotiations on cross-border business transactions
  3. The essential elements of a successful organization
  4. Impact of brand management by an organization on the world economy
  5. The implementation of the balanced scorecard and measurement of performance of firms
  6. The contributing factors to the success of companies in the telecommunication industry
  7. Impact and challenges of internet banking on business sales and operation
  8. Effects of customer relationship management on customer loyalty in automobile companies
  9. Impact of strategic alliance on business operations and management
  10. How corporate social responsibility and diversity influence the performance of a form
  11. Emotional management of change and its implications for organizational change
  12. Strategies for small scale businesses to implement to survive market changes
  13. Use of social media in the development of conventional business models
  14. The impact of running ads of products by small and medium-sized enterprises
  15. The effects of implementation of international patent laws on an organization
  16. The impact of varying time zones on foreign company’s operations
  17. Culture awareness and its impact on business negotiations by global companies
  18. Impact of proper technological management on productivity of innovative firms
  19. Organizational culture and its effect on employee motivation
  20. Effect of collaboration of dealers in the supply chain on the quality of production and competitiveness of the industry
  21. Impact of leadership decisions on business strategies and culture of the organization
  22. Motivating factors that promote effective implementation and acceptance of change
  23. Impact of leadership change on business operations
  24. Organizational leadership and its effects on the multicultural business environment
  25. The importance of leadership roles and allocation of duties in a business setting
  26. Effects of blended learning techniques on the critical thinking skills capabilities and skills of leaders
  27. Management of different workgroups to promote the performance of an organization
  28. The effectiveness of teamwork in accomplishing tasks and achieving goals
  29. Investment strategies to promote the growth of a business
  30. The effect of brand image on consumer’s choices of products/services
  31. Effectiveness of advertising on companies in uniform markets
  32. Family conglomeration and its impact on business operations


A business dissertation is a project that indicates the last stages of your PhD program before graduation. There are many aspects that business dissertation topics can cover, such as leadership, marketing, commerce, or entrepreneurship, among many other. Selection of good dissertation topics international business, or any other area, keep constant communication with your supervisor by sharing your progress. Give yourself an easy time researching and writing your paper by properly scheduling tasks to ensure your dissertation is professional, detailed, and relevant. Stick to the formatting and citations guidelines. Take seriously any feedback from your supervisor to ensure that your faculty accept your dissertation. Do not forget to proofread and edit your dissertation. You can have the best arguments in your writing, but too many errors may create doubts concerning the credibility of your business dissertation. Consult with your advisors, experts, and colleagues about your dissertation to ensure you are not missing any vital part as you write your dissertation. Finally, be intelligent, disciplined, and optimistic about the dissertation, and you will gladly graduate from your PhD program with the best grades to escort you to your next profession.

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