I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog in 2013. Not because I wanted to – but mainly because we welcomed our first son into the Fiddlehead Creek family and well – it was a bit of a hectic year to say the least!  But now that we totally have this whole parenting thing down pat…  (insert laughter here) I am going to give it a go to catch back up on our blog.

We had just finally said goodbye to the snow and uncovered the plants - when wouldn't you know it - more snow!

Most people probably think about a blog in terms of its readers. And while I do do that for sure, it also is a very useful record for me as well.  What was blooming the second week of June last year? Can’t remember? Take a look on the blog and see! I hope that you find it useful as well. Looking for something that blooms at a certain time, the blog is a great place to look.

Carter oversaw our work last weekend as we uncovered all the shrubs. He was taken with the blueberries - he already has good taste!

So, whats in bloom this week at the nursery? Well, nothing actually. While we did have a hopeful customer stop by looking to get a jump start on planting – we aren’t open just yet.  We were finally just able to get at the plants last weekend and uncover them. They did put on a surprising amount of growth this week before it turned cold and the snow came back. Some of the pots are full of fresh green growth, and some still look like pots of dirt (Plants such as the milkweeds and the rosemallow are always late to come up – they really like to keep you guessing if they are down there!) Many of the shrubs are budding nicely and the pussy willows are just starting to show!

We will be opening in two weekends on Saturday April 26th and Sunday April 27th. Later than we had hoped – but given the weather this year  – not bad.

We hope you have a great Easter this weekend and get some more garden clean up done – so you can come out to visit us the following weekend and get some plants to start your gardening off right this year!  

We will be open Fri-Sun, 9-5 through May and other times by appt. June hours still TBD, but will likely be by appt only.

While there aren’t any blooms yet – I  will try to snap some photos this weekend of what is at least budding for a post – so stay tuned!