How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

The first step towards writing an incredible dissertation is choosing the most appropriate topic. In fact, if you find the right topic, a huge load of writing your paper gets lifted off. Even though dissertations appear complex and intimidating, following some simple yet profound guidelines can greatly help you come up with a magnificent piece. Before embarking on your writing, here are some tips you should take into account.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Review The Requirements

The fundamental thing to do before writing your paper is go through the parameters surrounding the composition. This will enable you to know the scope of your work. Here are some questions you should ask yourself at this stage.

  • What’s the required word count?
  • When is the assignment due?
  • Do you have to select from a range of themes or come up with your own?
  • Where do you intend to source the information for your paper?

Some learners can be given a list of topics to choose from, while others are only issued with a deadline and the required word count. Projects vary depending on a lot of factors; some tend to have stricter conditions than others, it all depends on a particular educator, a department, or the academic institution.

Select A Wide Field of Research

When doing your research, think about broad subjects you find interesting that are within your field of study. Writing on an area that revolves around your discipline is very vital and can greatly help you in your career later on. Also, choose a field that you’re already familiar with so that you won’t have to begin your research process from scratch.

Availability of Sources

This is yet another important feature you have to be aware of. Choosing a theme that doesn’t have adequate materials will make your writing more challenging. You can skim through journals, books, or even articles so as to ensure that the topic you’re about to choose has ample reference materials.

Narrow Down Your Topic

Upon finding a suitable subject, your next step would be to start narrowing down into a specific niche that’s clear, directional, focused, and more specific. This’ll require a lot of brainstorming as well as viewing the topic from all perspectives. Still, it’s always worth the effort as this route usually makes every written material to be unique and exceptional.


Your topic has to be practically, socially, and academically relevant to your field of study. The most effective way to make sure the subject you’ve chosen is relevant is to select one that revolves around contemporary debates. The relevance of your topic should clearly appear when explaining your research problem.

Get Your Instructor’s Approval 

A lot of academic programs normally require a brief summary of the students’ topics before being assigned a supervisor. It’s advisable to get your instructor’s approval before you get started on your project.


If you find that the topic you’ve chosen isn’t as interesting as you thought it was, you can opt to select a different one provided you still have ample time left. Lastly, if you find any difficulty in the writing process, don’t hesitate to consult custom dissertation writing services, they’re always helpful and resourceful.  

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